One of our core value is “Respect for people”. As an equal opportunities employer we ensure that opportunities for self-fulfilment are available to all and we encourage teamwork and open communication.

We are committed to training, developing and rewarding passionate people in line with industry best practices. With attractive remuneration packages, we attract and retain the best people. Performance management, recognition and reward play equal parts in driving our business forward to achieve results, each being supported by leading HR practices.

Production Facilities

Formulation Capacity : Liquid 10, 00,000 Ltrs, Powder 10,00,000 Kg
2017-2018 : Liquid 8,28,272 Ltrs, Powder 22,48,000 Kg
2018-2019 : Liquid 8,50,000 Ltrs, Powder 24,20,000 Kg