Metsulfuron Methyl 10% + Chlorimuran Ethyl 10% WP

Goldmix is a broadspectrum herbicide effetcive for the control of broadleaf weeds and sedges in transplanted and direct seeded Paddy. It is effectively used for weed management in rice. Its flexibility of use as pre-emergent, post-emergent and for direct seeded rice makes it an obvious choice for rice growers across the country.

Goldmix works through both contact and residual soil activity, hence provides weed management in rice for a longer period. It is also not prone to volatilization and does not harm adjacent crops like mustard, vegetable, fruit crops, cotton, castor, etc. unless it’s directly sprayed on them.

Dose : Goldmix works at a very low dosage of 8 gm/acre.