Solid 80

2-4-D Sodium Salt 80% WP

2,4-D Sodium Salt 80% WP is a selective herbicide and controls broad leaved weeds, edges and germinating grass seedlings in crops like sugarcane, wheat, maize, citrus, grapes and tea. A selective, systemic, hormone weedkiller taken up by plant through leaves, roots and more through the vascular system of plants. It has been found effective as a pre emergent weedicide and a rain free period of 6-10 hours from application is enough for absorption of the chemical.

Crops : Cereals, Sugarcane, rice, wheat, tea, pastures, barley, turf, non- crop areas, sorghum, oats etc.

Dose : When used upon young and tender leaves, 1 kg of Weed Killer should be mixed with 100- 200 litres of water depending upon the type of weeds. Normally 1kg weed killer if sprayed properly of 1 hectare should kill the weeds. The spray must come in full contact of the weeds and creepers in paddy fields. a higher dosage might be required for mature weeds.